Nineteen seventy three heralded the introduction of the now famous and popular Olympic brand. This historic beginning was inspired and spurred on by the proud and brave tradition of the World Olympic Games Movement. The management and marketing was then and to this day, remains under the umbrella of the Jordan Shoe group in Cape Town

The original five famous rings, symbolic of the Olympic Games’ movement and each representing a continent of the globe, appeared on every shoe manufactured in those days. The five rings of the Olympic games logo needed to be increased to include a sixth ring when the Olympic shoes were produced to avoid a clash of interest. These six rings created the original logo used on the very first range of sport shoes that were developed. The initial production quantities were enthusiastically received by the then sports mad population of South Africa, and the brand has successfully risen from strength to strength since then.

The new Olympic brand focusing was on rugby and soccer as they initially were the sports of choice in the first few years. The S.A. team players flocked to buy these new Olympic sport shoes, and the boots sold brilliantly, soon to be joined by running spikes and road running shoes. At the time of this new Olympic brand being so well accepted throughout the land, the international world popularised long distance road running, thus creating an overnight, instant massive craze. This new running craze fed and fuelled the popularity of Olympic shoes, making them a major brand of choice during the seventies and eighties in South Africa.

Olympic sporting greats

archive-pic6Olympic developed a colossal marketing thrust during the eighties and nineties, competing with the international brands on a head on struggle for sales volumes and popularity. During the period in the eighties and early nineties when South Africa was isolated from world sport, some international shoe brand names desisted from allowing their products to be sold in S.A. During that time of boycotts, the Olympic brand became even further entrenched in the psyche of our local athletes and sports people of all genres.

This time also saw school sports and club sports rapidly become the popular focus of attention, gaining many participants. The attention was on local sports now, due to our national teams being banned from world competitions.

The technical footwear era emerges

about-technical-thumbAfter normalisation of South African sport in 1994, the world focused its attention on South Africa, tours and visits of all sporting codes becoming the order of the day.
There now followed in the nineties, a massive surge forward in shoe technology that emerged all over the world and this has remained unabated ever since. Olympic sport shoe range became engineered to the very high standards demanded by the sporting public. New world records were set almost on a monthly basis, and massive financial sport sponsorships became the order of the day. Olympic shoes has since then, kept pace with the times and now includes all the latest “performance improving” items in the new shoe ranges, thus gaining popularity and increasing sales due to more acceptance from the sports fanatics of South Africa. Leading world technology is standard application in all the shoe designs from Olympic, backed up by an international quality assurance system. Every new project is designed to meet with international standards, and then rigorously tested and controlled before being launched into the sports arena. basis, and massive financial sport sponsorships became the order of the day.