Quick Guide to Choosing a MTB Shoe

The quality of your ride depends on three contact points – butt to saddle, hands to bar and feet to pedal. We’ve made it our business to make mountain biking cycling shoes that deliver all the features you should be checking for when you make the transition from flat pedals to clipless pedals. It’s important […]

Anatomy of a good hockey shoe

Field hockey is not considered a full-contact sport but ask any hockey player who has ever experienced the business end of a hockey stick or a hurtling ball crashing into their toe or shin at upwards of 70 kilometres per hour, and you might get a different picture of the sport. While there is no […]

What I wish I knew about a netball shoe

My ‘career’ as a social netball player came to a painful end when a sharp change in direction, playing the position of wing defence, resulted in a tear in my left knee meniscus and some ligament and tissue damage. Many trips to the orthopaedic surgeon later, I decided to hang up my vest. Like most social […]

100 years of sporting excellence

Few South African companies can boast 100 successful years in business. It remains a big deal and for good reason. It is reported that less than half of all new business ventures survive their first five years. This year we celebrate this incredible milestone – 100 years of excellence in sports footwear, design and manufacturing. […]

MTB Trails to try in Gauteng

Mountain bikers should always have a list of dirt-shredding trails to try – especially if you’re just starting out. Part two in our series of “MTB Trails to Try” takes us to Gauteng where, not surprisingly, there are many must-try trails waiting to be discovered. These are our top five picks. PwC Bike Park, Bryanston Sandton […]

MTB Trails to try in the Western Cape

It’s no secret that with its rugged terrain, the Western Cape offers some of the most scenic and challenging MTB routes in the country. There’s a reason why the world’s largest MTB stage race is held here. There are just that many options to choose from. If you’re visiting the region, check out our list of […]

Summer skincare cures for athletes

You cannot deny that the warmth of the sun and the burn of those working muscles are a bittersweet triumph. And while training outside has its fair share of benefits, the toll it takes on your skin can be worrisome. Below we research all the solutions to all your skincare problems, whether you prefer the […]

Olympic Race Day Checklist

First-time racers can benefit from a useful race day checklist for a stress-free, enjoyable first race. Download our handy checklist, pin it to the fridge and tick off all the essentials. Simply click on the image below to download.

Who needs a gym membership?

You desperately want to get fit, you’ve worked out your nutrition plan and you’re ready to get active. There’s just one problem – gym fees. While there are some great gyms across the country with reasonable gym fees, there are other ways to get fit without spending a dime. Outdoor cardio Fresh air is better […]

Top Sports Academies in South Africa

South Africa is buzzing with sporting talent. But professional sports stars like Wayde Van Niekerk and Caster Semenya rely on specialist coaches to hone their talent into medal-winning performances. We’d like to highlight a few of these coaching centres across the country that are doing a brilliant job at shaping the sporting talent we have. […]