4 Winter Skincare Solutions for Athletes

Athletes know, that with all the hard work they’re putting in, their skin can sometimes take a beating. Add the drying effects of winter on the skin, and you have a new set of skincare challenges to overcome. We’ve narrowed down a few solutions you can try during the cold season. (Check out our summer solutions here!)

Problem: Increased acne breakouts after workouts
Solution: Good skincare routine and a little science
Wash your face before your training session and apply a lightweight moisturiser that won’t block your pores. Post-workout or training session, clean your skin again and apply a moisture-rich moisturiser that contains Hyaluronic Acid, which will prevent moisture loss and soothe the skin. Breakouts happen most often when the skin is irritated by the lack of moisture and poor pre- and post-session skincare routines.

Problem: Blotchy, red and irritated skin during workouts
Solution: Good diet, and cleansing products with soothing properties
Excessive exertion, exposure to extremes in climate and a less than perfect skincare routine can result in a condition called Rosacea – typified by deep flushing and broken capillaries on cheeks, forehead or nose. Not a great look for anyone. The problem is best tackled from the inside and out. In some extreme cases, you might need a course of antibiotics. But before you drain your medical savings account, try changing your diet to a high-quality, low-sugar diet, packed with natural, whole foods. And up your skincare routine by opting for cream-based cleansers and moisturisers made with natural products such as coconut oil (for its antimicrobial properties) and aloe vera (for its soothing properties).

Problem: Increase in bacteria due to perspiration
Solution: Body wash that moisturises and cleanses and that’s it!
You sweat more than others – during and post-training session. So you need your skincare products to work just a little harder for you than most. What beats taking a well-earned shower or scrub post session? Nothing, besides winning of course. We wouldn’t recommend investing in body scrubs or washes that promise anti-bacterial properties. All you need is a good soap that washes away the dirt but doesn’t compromise your immune system by flushing away the good and the bad bacteria. Your body needs both, funnily enough, to function optimally.

Problem: Rough, dry and flaky skin
Solution: A body lotion that replaces what your skin has lost
Look for products that contain Urea. Urea is a natural substance found on the surface of your skin and is designed by your amazing body to keep our skin moisturised and protected. Sometimes through excessive perspiration and bathing, you wash away your protective barrier, leaving rough, dry, flaky skin in its stead. So, choose a hyper-rich body moisturiser that contains Urea. There are a few excellent options on the market that won’t break the bank.