5 Beginner Hiking Trails to Try in Mpumalanga

Mpumalanga is a treasure trove of exquisite waterfalls and indigenous forests. If you’re into fly-fishing, bird watching, game watching or just love taking a dip in a refreshing natural pool, then we’ve got just the thing for you. We’ve compiled a list of recommended trails for nature lovers and all hiking levels.

First, quick rules of hiking
– Wear comfortable, appropriate hiking or trail shoes that have good grip and ankle support
– Never hike alone
– Always carry enough water – 2 litres or more, and enough food
– Stay on the path and obey all signage
– Do not disturb the fauna or flora
– Make sure the weather is suitable
– Carry an extra layer of protective clothing in case the weather turns

1. Lesodi Trail (1.4km)
This scenic walk will only take you 2 hours to complete leaving beginners with time and energy to enjoy the birdlife and the surrounding indigenous forest. Look out for Samango monkeys, Cape parrots, Strangler figs as well as the massive Cathedral tree along the way.

2. Bosbokroete at Wathaba Hiking Trails (4km)
Promising breathtaking views of the Wathaba rainbow falls, the Bosbokroete trail is not to be missed. This trail is very well marked and the easiest route to the Wathaba falls. There are also plenty of picnic spots and places to take a refreshing swim.

3. Louis Changuion Trail (11km)
Founded by local volunteers eager to show off the magnificence of the afro-montane plains, the Louis Changuion trail is perfect for the beginner hiker. Look out for the Wolkberg Zulu butterfly and if you’re there from September to April you might spot at Blue swallow. There’s even a small creek to dip your feet in.

4. The Trout Route at Ama Poot Poot Hiking Trail (6km)
Located just outside the little town of Dullstroom, the Ama Poot Poot hiking trail offers natural beauty and is perfect for avid fly-fishers. If you’re keen for a challenge then the Ribbok route offers a beautiful waterfall, but for the beginner, we suggest the Trout route that meanders along the river.

5. Rooikat Trail (11km)
The Rooikat Trail (Caracul in English) this trail will take you into the indigenous forest with trees such as Natal mahogany and Forest cabbage. You can expect to come across bushbuck, duikers, baboons as well as vervet and Samango monkeys.  Be sure to make enough time for picnics and a dip into the Bob’s River.

Happy hiking. Adventure awaits you! So kick off off your corporate shoes, lace up your hiking boots and go and discover the natural beauty of Mpumalanga. When you’re done, explore similar options in Gauteng, the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and KZN!