Marc Lailvaux appointed Group Sales Manager of Jordan & Co

Marc Lailvaux has recently been appointed Sales Manager for Bronx Men and Woman, as well as Olympic International for Jordan & Co and Bolton Footwear.

Born and bred in Durban, Lailvaux obtained a Bachelor Degree in Social Science from Rhodes University, studying emerging African markets and industrial relations. Lailvaux believes that his approach to selling and marketing is different. “It’s still very early to make a clear judgement, but I think my approach to selling and supplying the market is different. I see my approach as relationship orientated and communication driven. I value the need to be familiar with the market i.e. gaining market insight direct from the source and adapting that information from the environment to utilise for future prospects. I really do believe it’s necessary to study the market to provide the right product to the right customer. Sales is science – it’s about understanding people and society and how to give them the absolutely best service – on product, customer enquiry, delivery and execution of sales pitch.”
Lailvaux, who will be responsible for all sales related activities, says his role will include working with regional sales agents and their teams to achieve targets set for each season. “I’ll also be tasked with problem solving and to maintain a strong bond between supplier and retailer. Furthermore, I’ll assist the marketing team with feedback on how the market place responds to advertising campaigns, point of sale and our social media platforms.”

Lailvaux will be the go-to-man for resolving customer complaints regarding sales and service, as well as giving market related feedback to designers and developers who are putting various ranges together. “A huge part of my job will be to prepare budgets and approve expenditure, monitor customer preferences and analyse sales statistics. Lastly, I’ll need to project sales and determine the profitability of our products, whilst determining discount rates or special pricing plans.”

At 27, Lailvaux accomplished his greatest achievement in 2015 when he was a part of a tech company. “I was part of a tech company which hoped to increase their fibre optic infrastructure footprint and FTTH user base in Gauteng by bridging the gap between the northern suburbs of Johannesburg and the CBD. I was tasked with negotiating and communicating with the suburb of Killarney and to get their buy in to the product, which would establish the link to CBD and northern suburbs. I’m proud to say that on completion of the network, we had successfully connected one half of Johannesburg with another.”

Lailvaux balances his busy schedule by staying active: “I play rugby and cricket for False Rugby Club, which allows me a chance to switch off and refresh my mind. Work forms a large part of our lives, so it’s important to find something that you enjoy. Footwear, people and fashion are a passion of mine and understanding how they relate intrigues me. I believe it’s important to turn on the switch when you enter the office in morning. It should also be turned on when you’re wandering around the mall to pick up on interesting styles or trends that could lead to sales.”

Lailvaux has set some serious goals for the rest of 2016. “I’d like to earn the trust of my colleagues and sales agents, insist on having the right product for our market, create the right DNA and vision for Bronx, be first in customer service, dedicated to reaching targets, be open with communication and get product into key accounts, which is necessary for brand growth.”

He concludes: “I look forward to learning as much as possible from the industry and developing my brands into sales machines for Jordan and Co and Bolton Footwear. I hope that my passion for the industry will generate positive results.”

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