The ambitious Kiran Shunmoogam joins Jordan & Co

Kiran Shunmoogam has recently joined the experienced new marketing team at Jordan & Co as Marketing Intern for Bronx Men, Jordan Shoes, Renegade as well as Olympic International Footwear.

Born in Durban and raised in Cape Town, Shunmoogam recently obtained his B. Tech. Degree in Marketing from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Shunmoogam primarily wanted to be a young entrepreneur. “Initially, I wanted to start my own business and felt that studying marketing would help grow my business fast! However, after attending classes, I found marketing intriguing – especially the way that consumers make purchases based on their perceptions of different brands.”

Shunmoogam’s responsibilities and duties include tracking social media growth, ensuring the brand identity is generic on all material, handling customer queries, managing events related to the brand as well as expenditure. He reports to newly appointed Marketing Manager Fahiem Frizlar.

At (23), Shunmoogam’s greatest achievement to date was obtaining his Degree in Marketing. He balances his life by staying active: “I balance my work and private life through exercise. I am an active gym member and train six times per week. I do this to relax and relieve some stress. After a crazy day at the office I pump some iron to feel better and be mentally ready for the next day.” In five years from now he sees himself as a brand manager with his Honours in Marketing or furthering his studies in digital marketing.
Shunmoogam has set some ambitious goals for the rest of the year. “I’d like to see raised awareness and positive growth of the brands I work on, as well as get accepted to further my studies.”

He concludes: “When I started working for Jordan & Co I just completed my B.Tech. in Marketing, so I came straight out of studying with barely any experience. Jordan & Co granted me the opportunity to finally practice what I’ve learnt over the past four years and also gave me the opportunity to learn from the people I’m surrounded by. I see the brands’ potential and it excites me. Not only do I get to work on these brands, but also help change the way consumers perceive these brands. Finding creative ways to communicate the various attributes of these brands, is something I find fun. I’m really eager to see these brands grow! ”

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